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Create your site
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Exporting a Zoomforth site
Bio and image sections and layouts
How to download a local copy of the site
Using the header editorComparing the old vs new version
How to write good alt text
Change the text color or text background (highlight)

Autoplay video background in accessible sites
Change video thumbnail
Automatically expand first header of an accordion section
Expand only one accordion header at a time
Schedule redirect to an external site or another site
Incorrect text format
Changing the web preview tile background
Customize font-related variables in the Theme Editor
How to add alt text for an asset in the site editor
Customizing the email template for secured site access
Change Lists Padding
Allow file download for a Media Library asset
How to add alt texts for an asset in the Media LibraryAccessibility alt text
Adding Font Awesome icons in text editorsUsing FontAwesome icons
Accordion section
Building accessible sites
How to change the default URL of a site
Zoomforth's site upgradesInformation on what upgrading a site does
Accessing items from the Clipboards
Enabling scrolling progress indicator
Site building basics
Access the theme from the site editor
Save changes to the site editor
Using the site details viewLearn how to manage your site using the site details view
Delete a subpage
Hide a subpage
Change the drop icon background color of the accordion section
Delete an anchor link
Delete a slide in a carousel or slideshow
Create a carousel or slideshow
Border styles
Add an external link in the submenu navigation
Duplicate a tile or section
Streamline navigation with an overview pageAn alternative way to navigate to subpages to prevent a cluttered navigation bar
Adding scripts to your siteAdd JavaScript in your site