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Publishing a site & creating the initial link
Publishing a site & creating the initial link

What happens when you first publish a site?

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After publishing a site for the first time you’ll be asked to create a link. To learn how to create and share links, take a look at this video:

To Publish your site for the first time

1. Click Publish button from the upper right corner of the site editor.

2. Enter your desired site link on the field provided. The name of the site will appear by default but you can always change this from this point. If there's an existing site link with the same name, the system will determine and notify you. Please ensure that the name should be unique before you proceed. When ready click Create Link

Note : There are two options under settings

Ask Visitors for Name / Email : If enabled, before visitors see your site they will need to enter their name and email. They will not be asked upon return.

Email Notifications : If enabled, you will receive email notifications when someone visits your site.

A pop-up message should confirm that the site has been Published!

3. You will get another window where you can quickly copy the site link and share the link by clicking Send invitation to site

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