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Create an additional site link

How to create a new site URL

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[Permission Required: Account Administrator, Content Administrator, Editor]

An additional link may be required to replace the default one, since at least two are needed. This article describe the steps on how to change the default URL of a site.

For analytics, some users would create separate site links for each group of their audience: one link is shared for internal users (colleagues within the company), while the other is for external users (clients, vendors, etc). 

  1. Select the site from the dashboard.

  2. Go to Links from the Site Details menu.

  3. Tick the box for Enable new links to be created next to Manage Links.

  4. Click +Create New Link.

  5. Indicate the next component of the URL, which could be any preferred name. Spaces used here are automatically replaced with hyphens.

  6. Click Create Link.

Note: Below the Create Link button is an advanced settings that you can use after assigning a name to your site link, to require the site visitors to provide names and email addresses before loading the site, or to receive email notifications for every site visit made.

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