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How to redirect traffic from an one Zoomforth site to another

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If you have a Zoomforth site that is outdated but still getting traffic, and you'd prefer to redirect that site to another, whether another of Zoomforth site or not, (as opposed to updating that old site), you can create a redirect link.

[Permission Required: Account Admin, Content Admin]

To re-direct a site to another :

  1. Click the site from the Sites and Templates dashboard.

  2. In the Site Details view click on the More tab, and under the Modify Site section click the Redirect button.

  3. Select a preferred future date in the Date field, to schedule the action.

  4. Check the Redirect box, then select to an external URL to redirect to a site not created within your team's Zoomforth account, and select the option to another site in your account to redirect to another site created within your team's account.

  5. Click the Modify Site button to save the changes.

When a site is redirected, you see indicators next to the site that it is being redirected.

Note: If you re-direct a site, all links for that site will be redirected to the site you select.

Removing a Redirection

To remove a redirection, go back to the More tab in the Site Details view then, click the Change Redirect button, and uncheck the Redirect box.

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