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Some organizations are using more than one SSO service to authenticate access to its networks. In the same manner, Zoomforth can be configured to use the same SSO service to provide access restriction for the sites.

If your team's Zoomforth account had been setup to utilize more than one SSO service, switching to another SSO service is something really easy to do!

A configuration request to enable this option can be sent to the support team (support@zoomforth.com) or to the dedicated account manager.

To switch site authentication to use a different SSO service for specific or select site:

1. Click the site from the Sites and Templates dashboard to bring the Site Details menu up.

2. Click Visitor Access from the menu.

3. Click Single Sign - On (SSO) radio button.

4. Click Show Advanced Settings, found below the Single Sign - On settings or the Single Sign - On Groups, to see the options.

5. Click Edit next to the currently selected SSO service, and select the preferred provider in the next dialog box.

6. Click Submit.

To set a default SSO service for all new sites with SAML authentication in the account:

1. Click Account at the bottom left corner of the platform interface, and click Account from the menu.

2. Follow the steps 2 - 6 in the first set of instructions above.

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