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What are links? How do they relate to sites? Should my site have one or multiple links?

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In order to share your site with your intended audience, you must create a link to it. Watch the video below for an overview on creating and sharing links:

To view the Links that a site has, you can go to the Site Details view and clicking on the Links tab.

Below, an example of the links tab:

Sometimes it's valuable to understand how a site is being experienced by different groups of visitors. By making multiple links to the same site you can track how those different groups behave.

For example, if you have created a sales site that you are sending to multiple companies, you may want to have a different link for each of those companies. You can then have a better understanding of how each company is interacting with your site. For instance, one company may share the site internally. By separating that company's link from the others you'll see separate activity feeds for each company. You can then get clearer insights into each company's interest in your sales site.

You can also create a link for, and send it to, a single individual. When that link is visited, you will know with certainty that it is being visited by that person.

You can even choose to receive a notification whenever a link is visited.

You can also customize each link's URL for a specific audience. A site is more noticeable and impactful if the URL is customized for the recipient.

Not if it doesn't fit your plans.

Keeping track of many links for one site is more complex, so it may make sense for your organization to just use one link per site.

For each Zoomforth site, you can select if you want to be able to create new links or not. If you don't want your team to be creating multiple links per site, you can prevent your team from creating additional links. See Understand and Changing a Site's Share Behavior for more details.

If you aren't sure if you should be using multiple links per site, then just use one link for your site to start. You can add more links later.

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