Zoomforth offers two primary dashboards for discovering analytics. Individual site analytics can be found in the Analytics tab while the performance of all the sites in your account are tracked in Stats and Reports dashboard.

Account administrators also have access to our Stats and Reports Dashboard. This gives you a high-level overview about how your sites and team are performing across your entire account.

Zoomforth Terminology

Zoomforth uses a number of terms that you may not be familiar with.


A visit is recorded any time one of your sites has been loaded by a browser.


A visitor refers to any time a unique browser visited your sites. Even if the "visitor" loads your site multiple times during the selected timeframe, it is only counted once in the analytics.

The information which determines if a visitor has visited before is tracked in a cookie on the visitor's browser. If the person switches devices, switches browsers, clears their cookies, or their cookies expire, they will be considered a new visitor on their next site load. The cookies automatically expire 11 days after the last site visit.

Weekly visitor count

A weekly visitor counts new visitor loading your site per week. If a visitor loads your site multiple times in one week, it is only counted once for the day. If they returned on another week, even multiple times, then the visit is logged once for that week.

For example, someone may open your company's site from a link that was sent to them. That person might save the link in their bookmarks. In this scenario the count of "visit" and "visitor" is increased by one since it was their first time seeing this site. If that same day they click their bookmark and return to the site then only the "visit" count is increased by one.

Logging new visits / visitors

New visits or visitors are identified based on the cookies issued during the sessions, which use the following:

  • identification, if provided like names or email addresses

  • browser details

  • machine information

If the no visitor identification can be associated for the visit, it may be because the visitor has declined providing the information, the visitor will be tagged as anonymous.

If a known visitor browse a site on a different browser and / or device, the visit will be tagged as new visits for the site.

If a known visitor, browser a site on the same browser and / or device the next day, the visit will be tagged as new daily visit.

Site Details

Site analytics show data across all links while link analytics shows data for the specific site and link to the site. When you open a details window you can click on the Analytics tab to access these views.

Total visits and visitors - The total visits and visitors the site has had based on the date range and filters selected.

Top subpages on your site - This chart shows the top five subpages that were visited and how many times each was visited.

Top content on your site - This table shows actual content which was interacted with and ranks them so you can see what visitors are interested in.

Top referrals to your site - If someone found your link through another website or service which provides referral data then you will see where those visitors came from.

What devices people used to view your site - This chart provides a high-level overview to help understand how important mobile and tablet users are for the site's success.

Content view

On the summary view you can click on View All Content in the top content widget to see more information about the content on your site. This view provides a breakdown of content which has been interacted with by your visitors. You will be able to see a screenshot of the content, an engagement score, and other metrics.

You can download a report of this view which provides a list of all the content on the site and how it is performing.

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