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The links & tracking dashboard
The links & tracking dashboard

How to navigate the tracking dashboard, and generate links

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As your analytics home base on Zoomforth, the Links & Tracking dashboard lets you:

  • See all of the links you and your team have created

  • See which links were most recently active

  • See which links were most active

  • Track how individual visitors are engaging with your site

  • Compare the performance of your links with different audiences

From the dashboard, you can view the tracking data for each of your links.

What is the purpose of all these links?

Each link represents a URL for a site and contains detailed information about the people who have visited that URL and how they have behaved on the site. Certain features can be set on a per-link basis, such as the ability to receive notifications when someone visits that link, or a requirement that visitors identify themselves.

A single site can have multiple links and each one will show up in the tracking dashboard.

Read more about links in the Understanding Links article.

Navigating the Dashboard


By default, your links are ordered chronologically by creation date with the most recently created link at the top. You can click the column headers on any column to re-sort your links.

Filtering and searching

To find a specific link, you can set search filters.

The Created By filter lets you only view links that were created by a particular user.

The text search box lets you search for links containing particular text. This search box will match links by:

  • Link Name

  • URL

  • Recipient Name or Email

This means that if you enter "acme" in this box, it would match with the following links:

Accessing detailed information

Each link is listed with pertinent information about it:

  1. Hover over the preview icon to preview the site it belongs to.

  2. If you'd like to copy the URL for this Link hover over its name and click the Copy to Clipboard button that appears.

  3. Click the link row to view Link Details.

The Visits tab displays information about visits to your site, including the location of the visitor, their name and email (if we can determine this information), and the amount of time they spent on the site.

This is what the visits tab in the Link Details view looks like:

Click Details on the Visit row to view details on this particular visit.
Check out this article for a more detailed explanation of the data you'll see on this activity feed.

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