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Link visits and link activity feed
Link visits and link activity feed

Understanding visitor engagement with your site's links

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To review all the visits to a particular link for your site, go into the Site Details and click on the Links tab. Find the link you'd like more details on, and then click Details next to the link.

Understanding the Link Visits Tab

The initial display is a list of visitors to this link, sorted by most recent visit. You can click on the column header to sort the visits by that column.

This is what the Link Details view on the Visits tab looks like:

Click on a particular visit to view the Visit Details. This view provides you with much more detailed information for a particular visit. You'll see a second-by-second account of your visitor's activity on your site:

The left column, TIME, starts at 0:00, when the viewer first loaded the site.
Their time on that section of site is displayed underneath the Section row.

In the above example, Mr. Kong loaded the site, paused 53 seconds to eat a banana, then entered his name & email address to access the site. Four seconds later, he CLICKED a menu option titled Details, which took him to that anchor on the site. He hovered there for a few minutes, clicked a menu option, Values, then clicked on an image.

How to use this information

Using the activity feed, you can understand how visitors are using your sites—where they're scrolling to, where they're dropping off, and what they appear to be most interested in.

You might use this information to make business decisions—e.g., contact this individual again; send them sales content focusing on feature X rather than feature Y.

You might use this information to improve your content—e.g., improve the flow of your site, or better direct visitors to important information they might be missing.

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