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Sharing your Zoomforth sites
Sharing your Zoomforth sites

How does Zoomforth allow you to share your sites with your viewers?

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Functionally, there are two ways to share your Zoomforth sites: sending email invitations or sharing the site's URL. Sharing sites with your audience will guide viewers to your sites and maximize the number of site visits.

To learn more about creating links for sharing, click here.

How to Share Sites Via Email Invitations

Email invitations allow you to send links to your site directly to the people who need to see it. You can send a new invitation either right after you + Create New Link, or when you click Share in the Sites and Templates dashboard or the Site Details view.

At the top of the Share Site pop-up window, you will be able to see who has access to your site based on the site's current Visitor Access setting:

To send email invitations, type any number of emails into the top field, or paste a comma-separated list of emails into it. You also have the option of including a note with the invitation to personalize the email.

When you are finished, click Send invitation to site.

Viewing Permissions

Because some sites will only allow certain email addresses to access the site, or require visitors to enter a password to view the site's content, the content of the email to your visitor will vary.

For sites that require a password, the password will be sent in the email so your visitors can access the site immediately.

For sites that require a valid email address, invitations will include a link, or token, which allows the visitor to bypass the normal permissions screen and immediately view the site. These links last for 24 hours before they will require the visitor to enter their email again, or may also be set for one-time use only.

If you send an invitation to an email address that is not already on the site's whitelist, then they will be added so they can successfully view the site. You can change the viewing permissions for a site any time by clicking on the permissions text on the top of the share screen.

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