Managing your account

Change your password. Manage notifications. Add / remove users to your organization's account. Add tracking code / snippet to ALL the sites.

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There are seven sections in the Account Settings: Profile, Organization, Team, Site Snippets, Privacy, Visitor Access and Notifications.


The Profile section contains the user's personal information including email and password. The option to disable/enable tutorial video pop-ups is also found in this section.


The Organization section displays the domain/s associated with the account, for the sites being published. It also provides the option to manage how the support team access your account.


The Team section lists the users including their email addresses, permission level, etc. Only an Account Owner and Account Administrator can manage these users. More information about this feature is found in this article.

Site Snippets

A snippet is a piece of third-party code that can be used to add tracking capabilities for the sites. More information about this feature is found in this article.


The level of visitor tracking of the Zoomforth sites can be controlled in this section depending on the visitor's location being within or outside the European Union.

Visitor Access

Visitor Access settings control how visitors can access the sites. Each site has individual settings, but in this section, you can set account-wide default settings.


Zoomforth can send email notifications for select events or requests, such as:

  1. Site access requests from non-whitelisted visitors,

  2. Site publishing requests from authors;

  3. Link visits;

  4. Responses to prompts; and

  5. Responses to forms.

This section sets user preferences on how these notifications should be sent. More information about this feature is found in this article.

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