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In some cases, you may want to add a piece of third party tracking code to ALL of the sites in your account. Some examples of services that may have snippets that one may want to add include Google Analytics, Pardot, Segment, Hubspot, and others.

It's possible to add that snippet using the site snippets feature, accessible from the accounts tab. Only administrators have access to this feature, and we recommend that only those with some knowledge and experience with adding snippets to HTML sites should use this feature.

To add a snippet, click on "New Snippet" and then input the snippet. Once you click "Create Snippet", the snippet code will immediately be applied to all sites in your account.  

Technical Details

In order to ensure security and compatible behavior across browsers under different authentication situations, Zoomforth uses an iframe to serve the main content of a site. The snippet will apply to the parent frame, so it cannot affect any of the activities within main content of a site. It will be limited to tracking users' site views, and will not be able to provide more advanced behavioral analytics. Advanced analytics are accessible within the Zoomforth platform -- at this time, there's no way to hook this data into other services.

For example, if your company is using the domain "" in Zoomforth, and you have a site with the URL "", if you have set up a site snippet, then the site snippet will report a site view to that URL when a visitor accesses it. The content of that site will be served within an iframe at that URL from the "" domain, so the snippet will not be able to interact with that content in any way. If a user does not have access to the site, they will still trigger the site snippet when they arrive at the URL -- they just won't be able to see the content until they have authenticated.

Knowing these technical details may help resolve anomalies and avoid confusion when implementing custom tracking strategies with site snippets.

Note: Creating and troubleshooting site snippets or site scripts falls beyond our direct support scope. Any modifications or fixes to site scripts are at your discretion.

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