[Permission Required: Account Administrator, Content Administrator, Editor]

A site may have to be deactivated to prevent further views, while the changes can still be made in it. Any visit attempt for a deactivated site would return a message similar to the one below:

Site properties such as analytics, URLs, team permissions, contents, designs etc., are kept when a site is deactivated, and the sites can still appear in the default search view results. They can also be edited, and, as always, changes are saved automatically. While site visits return the message like the one above, edits on a deactivated site can be published.

To deactivate / reactivate a site:

  1. Select the site from the Sites and Templates dashboard.

  2. Click on More from the Site Details menu.

  3. Click Deactivate / Reactivate.

Deactivation can also be planned in advance via Scheduled Deactivation.

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