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A site, or template, may be archived when no further views and edits are required, but completely getting rid it is not option.

Site properties such as analytics, URLs, team permissions, authentication, scripts, meta tags, etc., are kept, though once archived, the site will not appear in the default search result view anymore.

Archived sites cannot be edited, until they're unarchived, and they are placed in the Archived folder found at the bottom of the folder list.

Click this link to visit an archived site and experience what your visitor would see on their browser when they try to access it.

To archive / unarchive a site, or a template:

  1. Click the site, or template, from the Sites and Templates dashboard.

    Note: Archived sites or templates are found at the Archived folder found at the bottom of the folder list.

  2. Click More tab.

  3. Under the Site Management section, hover to Archive and click the Archive or the Unarchive link.

You can refer to the article delete a site or a template should you wish to delete a site instead of archiving it.

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