Archive and unarchive a form
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Zoomforth Forms provide an easy way to gather information from your visitors within your Zoomforth Sites. Though, when you are done with a form you have an option to archive it.

Some things to remember when archiving forms are:

  • Archiving a form will not delete the responses you have collected already

  • Archiving a form will not delete the form from the sites you have included it in. In fact, archived form can still collect responses from visitors so if you archived the form by mistake then you will not miss responses.

  • Archived forms cannot be edited

How to archive and unarchive a form

  • Select the form from the Forms Dashboard.

  • Click the Archive button on the top right.

  • Click the Archive button in the pop-up to confirm.

You can view your archived forms at any time by clicking the Archived tab in the left panel. You can also Unarchive a form if needed, just click the Unarchive button when an archived form is selected.

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