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Understanding forms

How to gather information from your visitors through forms

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Zoomforth Forms provide an easy way to gather information from your visitors within your Zoomforth Sites.

Whether you are creating a signup form or you have a quick survey, creating and adding these forms can be done with a few clicks. Admins can view all responses directly in our Forms dashboard or download a copy of the data to a CSV file to process.

Who can view and manage forms?

Only selected roles may view forms and form responses, see the table below as reference.

Account Admin

Content Admin



Create and edit forms

View form responses

Add existing form to a site

Navigate to forms

Forms can be found in the left navigation in the Forms section. Your most recent form will automatically be loaded for you to view. In the left editing panel you can see your active forms and clicking on a form will show you the responses collected in the right window.

How to search for a form

You can search for the form that you need if you have a lot of forms created in your account. This will help you access a previously created form easily. Search works on the Active and Archived forms tab.

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