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How to gather information from your visitors through your site tiles
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Zoomforth Forms provide an easy way to gather information from your visitors within your Zoomforth Sites.

Whether you are creating a signup form or you have a quick survey, creating and adding these forms can be done with a few clicks. Admins can view all responses directly in our Forms dashboard or download a copy of the data to a CSV file to process.

How to Create a Form

Forms can be found in the left navigation in the Forms section. Your most recent form will automatically be loaded for you to view.

In the left editing panel you can see your active forms and clicking on a form will show you the responses collected in the right window.

Click the link on the top of the left editing panel that says +New Form to create a new form.

The form creation window will open on the right and you will be able to begin creating your forms. The following options are available to customize your forms:

  • Form Name: A form name allows you to identify the form when selecting it in the site editor. The name is not visible to your visitors but it is required to create a form.

  • Form Description: If you have similar forms and you would like to identify them easier, a description can help you remember what the form's purpose is. The description is not visible to your visitors and is not required.

  • Thank You Message: When a visitor submits a form, they will be shown a message thanking them for their response. By default, we provide you with a basic response but you can customize this message here as well.

  • Questions: Each form must have one field. Fields are how you ask questions to visitors. When you create a field you will be prompted for a label. This label will be used as the placeholder in your form's input field and will describe your data in the form responses table.

  • Question Placeholder: These are available for short answer and long answer type questions, are required or mandatory to be provided with the samples of valid answers to the question, for accessibility.

Once you are finished creating your form, you can click the Save button in the top right of the window.

How to Edit a Form

If at any time you want to edit your form you can do so by clicking on the form in the left editing panel and then clicking on the Edit button in the top right of the window.

Editing the form will open the editor window on the right side of the screen.

You can edit a form's name, description, and thank you message easily by changing your previous settings. Fields can be rearranged through a drag and drop interface or they can be edited or deleted to better reflect the questions you want to ask.

Don't worry about changing these fields because all past responses will still be available to download at a later time.

How to Archive a Form

When you are done with a form you may choose to archive the form. You can do so by clicking the Archive button in the top right on any form. Some things to remember when archiving forms are:

  • Archiving a form will not delete the responses you have collected already

  • Archiving a form will not delete the form from the sites you have included it in. In fact, archived form can still collect responses from visitors so if you archived the form by mistake then you will not miss responses.

  • Archived forms cannot be edited

You can view your archived forms at any time by clicking Archived in the left editing panel.

Here you can see past responses from all of your forms.

How to Insert a Form into a Site

You can insert your new form into a site by going to the Site Editor. Create a new tile by clicking on the Add New Tile button and select Add Form in the bottom right of the pop-up window.

Select the form you want to insert from the drop down list provided and click Submit to insert the form as a new tile in your site.

When you publish your site, visitors will see your form and all responses will be collected for you to read later.

Who Can View and Manage Forms?

Only a select group of users may view forms and form responses. Any Admin or Content Administrator can view the forms and form responses available for your account. Only Admin users can add, edit, and archive forms for the account.

Any user on your account who can create and edit sites can also insert a form into a site.

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