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Understanding prompts

How to gather information from your team, leadership, and champions

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Zoomforth Prompts are designed to help you involve your team, leadership, and champions in creating the most interactive and personalized content to influence your audience.

Share a simple link or start an email drip campaign to easily gather testimonials, video responses, case studies, quotes, files, photos, and more. Don’t get stuck trying to ask your team the perfect questions. Our pre-set question templates are designed to ask engaging questions

Use your responses to create more compelling and personal sales and marketing content, or combine hundreds of answers from your team to build engaging stories.

To create new prompts

1. Click Prompts dashboard from the left editing panel.

2. Click on the Create New Prompt button in the top right of the screen.

3. Select from either (A) a list of templates, or (B) start from scratch by clicking on the Create Your Own button.

You can then customize your Welcome Message and Welcome Video (optional).

4. Click on Edit Questions then you will be able to (A) Create a New Question or (B) Edit an existing question. Questions allow you to choose the type of medium they accept which can be either (C) text, image, video, or, PDF.

5. Click the Save button to save your changes.

When you are finished, you can click Preview & Send to see the prompt and choose how you will share it.

How to share your prompt

To gather responses either share the link to the Prompt response site, or start an email drip campaign (Prompts Campaigns) to automatically trigger personalized reminders, and view response progress and engagement with Zoomforth’s Prompt Analytics.

To share the Prompts response site link click Preview & Send after creating your Prompt and copy your Prompt link & share the link by copying it into an email, social media message or embedding it into a tile in our of your Zoomforth sites.

Now when a person clicks on the link they will be taken to your Prompt response site.

To view Prompt responses from the Media Library

  1. Go to your Media Library.

  2. Click on the Prompts folder.

  3. Click on the folder titled with the question of your Prompt.

Note: The specific folders are created when there is a response to your Prompt, therefore if you have not yet received a response you will not find a specific folder.

To view responses from Prompts

  1. Go to Prompts by clicking on the Prompts link in the navigation bar on the left of your screen.

  2. Click on the corresponding Prompt from the list of Prompts and then click on Responses.

How to View Progress & Engagement with Prompts Analytics

Prompt analytics - including open rates, clicks, and progress - are stored within each respective Prompt.

To track your prompts

  1. Click on Prompts link in the navigation bar on the left of your screen.

  2. Click on the respective Prompt title or on the yellow Manage button to the right of it.

  3. Click on Overview, Recipients, or Responses within the Tracking category.

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