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Bio and image sections and layouts
Bio and image sections and layouts
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The people behind any company, or the service it offers, are equally as significant as the company or service itself. Team bio sections showcase individuals and teams to encourage familiarity and confidence from the audience. This makes About me or Meet the team sections very popular.

Zoomforth simplifies adding these elements to your microsite through bio and image sections. Each layout is pre-designed with image placeholders and captions. Clicking the placeholder brings up the media selection modal so you can access the Media Library or upload from your local machine.

Bio and image section layouts are configured in two designs:


Standard bio or image section layouts use square or rectangular image placeholders, with captions showing on the left or below the images. The native cropper, which pulls up after the image is selected for the placeholder, offers different cropping options as described in this article.


Rounded bio or image section layouts use circular image placeholders. A square or rectangular image will need to be adjusted to the preset border radius. For performance reasons, we maintain a cache of previously used images for each tile size ratio (1:1, 3:4, etc.). If the chosen image exists in the cache in a matching ratio, it will be used in the tile. If no image is cached, the cropper tool allows manual cropping.

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