How to crop images
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Cropping changes the outer edges, or frame, of an image. This tool helps the viewer focus their attention on a smaller section, or, a broader view of the image.

How to access the cropping tool

The cropping tool can be accessed as follows:

  1. In a grid section, when you click to select an image for a tile, and click the Crop button next to the image file selector button, on the left editing panel.

  2. When you select "custom image" as the thumbnail for select media tiles, or;

  3. When background images are set for select site elements.

A Previewer is found on the left section of the cropping tool, while the Crop Selection Editor is on the right.

How to use the Previewer to crop images quickly

You can crop images in the previewing panel, by dragging the designated points or handles on the edges of the selection.

How to use the Crop Selection Editor to crop images precisely

Manually change the values for the crop selection position and dimension. The latter can be helpful for precise cropping, and for replicating crop selection values from another image that you’ve already added.

Please be aware that most, if not all, crops have a defined aspect ratio that cannot be changed. This is because if you crop an image for a tile, that tile has a size that the crop needs to fit. So if you enter the value 200 into the width box then the height box will automatically be updated according to the tile’s aspect ratio.


  • If the image has a 1:1 aspect ratio then both width and height will always be the same.

  • A 2:1 aspect ratio would mean that the width is always twice the height and setting the height to 200 would then require the width to be 400.

The cropper will do its best to set the values in line with the size and shape of the tile to which you are adding the image.

Out of bounds cropping

Sometimes your crop might go out of bounds (outside the image) with the values you enter. This is not allowed unless you check the "Allow out of bounds" checkbox. Without that enabled, the cropper will resize and move the crop selector so that it fits inside the image.

Checking the "Allow out of bounds" checkbox will allow you to specify any value you want, just make sure you scroll out enough so that the entire area you want to crop is visible.

You can scroll out either with the mouse-wheel on your mouse or by moving the zoom slider in the control panel. The slider has a max and min value but you can type in anything you want in there. A value of 100% means you are viewing the image with no zoom at all.

Rounding the borders of a crop

You can also round the borders of a crop with the border-radius option. Move the slider to 100% for a perfect circle or anything in between depending on what kind of border radius you want. A value of 0 means that border-radius is disabled.

To learn about aspect ratios for cropping images, click here.

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