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Using sections in your site
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Sections allow you to organize and present content in different formats, layouts, or media types. Arranging content into sections gives site creators design flexibility and also gives the site visitor guidelines to better navigate and understand the site.

Sections are divided into different categories

  • Image Bio - Contains various ways to upload images for a profile, such as Bio Standard, Bio Rounded, Bio Single Standard, or Bio Single Rounded

  • Video - Contains the Video playlist section

  • Grid - Contains the Grid section

  • Text - Contains the Text and Accordion section

  • Blank - Contains the Text section

  • Presentation - Contains sections related to Presentations and Slideshows

  • Files - Contains the PDF section

  • Embeds - Contains the HTML Package and Embed sections.

Types of sections

  • Grid: A grid section is the most flexible in terms of content and layout. Using tiles, it allows you to create a section of images, PDFs, videos, text, forms, or links. The tiles are adjustable in size and position, based on the number of columns (max. 30) in the grid section.

  • Text: A text section holds formattable text. It can be used as headers with background images or colors, or to add body copy to a site.

  • Slideshow: A slideshow section can hold videos and/or images in a click-through showcase of media assets. Your theme determines the placement of asset descriptions. More info on themes can be found here.

  • Video Playlist: A video playlist is comprised of only video assets. The videos in a playlist play sequentially as soon as the playlist section is entered.

  • PDF: The PDF section is a PDF viewer embedded directly into your site.

  • Presentation: The presentation section allows you to embed a Powerpoint directly into your site. The Powerpoint file must be exported to a PDF before adding to this section to preserve the layout and images. More info can be found here.

  • Embed: The embed section allows external resources or media content, such as another website, charts or images, file viewers, media players, plug-ins, etc., to integrate directly into your site.

  • HTML Package: The HTML Package section allows you to add interactive content directly into your site. More info on HTML package can be found here.

  • Accordion: The accordion section is an expandable, vertically stacked list of headers, labels or titles, and text.

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