Sections allow you to organize content or display content in a different format. For an overview of the different types of Sections, watch the video below, or continue reading:

There are ten types of sections:

  • Grid (or "Tiles") Section

  • Text

  • Slideshow

  • Video Playlist Section

  • PDF Section

  • Presentation

  • Embed

  • HTML Package

  • Job Feed

  • Accordion

Types of Sections

Grid: It is comprised of "Tiles" that hold photos, PDFs, videos, text, forms, or links. The tiles are adjustable in size and position. The number of columns in a grid section can go up to 20 making it more flexible.

Text: A text section holds text that can be formatted in several ways. You might use this type of section if you want to write a letter to the viewer of your site.

Slideshow: A slideshow section can hold videos and/or images. This is a click through slideshow of media assets. Your theme will determine if descriptions panels appear beneath or next to the content. More info on themes can be found here.

Video Playlist: A video playlist is comprised of only video assets. The videos in a playlist play sequentially as soon as the playlist section is entered.

PDF: This section is simply a PDF viewer that contains only one PDF. The separate section for the PDF will allow viewers to both locate the PDF and read it while still on your site.

Presentation: This section is for your Powerpoint files but we require the Powerpoint file be exported to a PDF before being added to Zoomforth, because a PDF will preserve the layout, formatting, fonts, and images in a way that cannot otherwise be guaranteed. More info can be found here.

Embed: This section allows external resources or media content to be integrated right within the Zoomforth site, such as another website, interactive (charts) or static (images) content, file viewer, media player, plug - in application, etc.

HTML Package: An HTML Package section allows you to add almost any kind of interactive content you can think of to a Zoomforth site section. More info on HTML package can be found here.

Job Feed: This section can connect to your organization's job listing or job board updates to market job requirements.

Accordion: An accordion section is a vertically stacked list of headers, labels or titles that you can click to expand/collapse content associated with them.

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