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A great majority of online consumers are heavily relying on videos to learn about a product or service, around 96%, based on one study. In line with the increasing demand for this content type, Zoomforth offers different ways to render and present videos to your target audience.

Sections like slideshow, video playlist, third-party embed, and HTML package may carry videos in the forefront, while grid and text sections also allow you to use video as background. Moreover, videos can be played through a pop-up overlay modal or inline (right within the section or tile).

When a video playback overlay model pops - up, gets the other element on the page grayed out, fainted, or deactivated, so the video content becomes more elevated or highlighted.

How to enable overlay video playback modal

  1. Select the target video from your page;

  2. Click Actions from the left editing panel;

  3. Under On Click section, select Expand & Play Video;

  4. Click < Done Editing Tile.

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