You can embed an MP3 for playback within your site or subpage through a custom embed tile or section. The MP3 can be hosted by any file hosting services as long as there are no restrictions from the hosting service provider as described in this article.

It might be difficult though to find a service without the restriction mentioned above, so another option is to host your MP3 via Zoomforth's hosting utility.

If you decided to upload your MP3 using our public hosting utility, just use the website address that will be generated after the upload for your custom embed tile or section.

This feature is not fully developed, unfortunately, and a caveat comes with it: the MP3 will automatically play as soon as the site or the subpage with the custom embed loads. Thus, if you have more than one MP3s embedded in a site or subpage, those MP3s will play all at the same time!

The site might have to be designed a bit further so that only one MP3 is loaded in a subpage, and that subpage might have to be hidden from the theme to be linked if needed.

You can always contact the support team ( if you think you would need help implementing this for your site.

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