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Embed a Google map to your site
Embed a Google map to your site
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While an interactive map embedded in a site improves the visibility and credibility of a business, office, or organization, by showing their locations, addresses, or geographical views (street, satellite, aerial). The overall visitor experience gets elevated as these other channels of information delivery are offered by the site.

Google Maps is one popular third-party web service that works with Zoomforth .

To embed a Google map as a section in your site:

  1. Look for the address you'd like to embed using the search box in the top left;

  2. In the top left, click the menu icon;

  3. Click Share or embed map;

  4. Click Embed map;

  5. Select your preferred map size by clicking the drop-down arrow found on the left, next to the HTML field;

  6. Click Copy HTML;

  7. In your Zoomforth Site Editor, navigate to the target subpage where you plan to embed the map;

  8. To add the map as an Embed, click +Section and select Embed;

  9. Paste the HTML code that you copied from step 7.

  10. Delete the first part of the HTML Code where it says "http://<iframe src=";

  11. Click Create Section or Create Tile;

  12. Click Done Editing Section or Done Editing Tile.

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