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Watch the video below, or continue reading for an overview of the site-building basics:

How to Add Content to Your Grid

Watch this view to better understand Grid sections and tiles:

There are two broad categories of tiles: text tiles and media tiles. Any file that is uploaded to the grid is considered a media tile, even if it is a PDF or Word document.

To add a tile to your grid:

1. In the Site Editor, go to the target grid section.

2. Click the "+ Add Tile" widget.

3. Select from the following eleven tile options:

Media from Library

Select Media from Library to get the content from your Zoomforth Media Library. For more information about the Media Library, please click here.

Upload Media

Select Upload Media to get the content from your computer files to your site. Any uploaded content is also automatically uploaded into the Media Library.


Select Text to add a text-only tile. The text within text tiles can be aligned, positioned, sized, and hyperlinked; and text tiles even support buttons.

Record Video

Select Record Video to allow Zoomforth to access your computer's camera and microphone and record a customized video to add to your site without ever leaving your site editor. For more information about this option, please click here.

YouTube Video

Select YouTube Video to embed a YouTube video on your site. Simply copy and paste the URL in the next pop-up menu.


Select Form to add input fields to your site, so visitors can submit responses through your site. Forms are ideal for short questions with short answers.

Web Preview

Select Web Preview to add a Web Preview tile, which links to an external site (ideal for articles), and pulls in that site's image and description, resulting in a spliced tile (half text description, half image).


Select Presentation to add a presentation file (which is a PDF export.) For more information about the presentation, you can check this article.


Select Embed to use an embed URL from a third party to directly embed an app into a Zoomforth site.

HTML Package

Select HTML Package to add any standalone, interactive app to your site. For more information about the HTML package, you can check this article.

Paste Tile

Select Paste Tile to paste a copied tile or group of tiles. Any type of tile can be copied to the same or to another grid section, within the same or another subpage.

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