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How to upload and view PowerPoint files in your sites

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Zoomforth allows you to upload any type of file, and by adding them to a site those files can be downloaded directly. By default, PowerPoint files will act the same as any other file so that when clicked within a site the visitor will begin downloading the powerpoint file.

You may want some PowerPoint files to remain interactive on your sites. To add a PowerPoint file such that it displays an interactive in-page viewer, you can choose the "Presentation" option when adding a tile to a grid or when uploading a new file to the library.

After selecting "Presentation" you will be prompted to choose a PDF file. We require that the Powerpoint be exported to a PDF before being added to Zoomforth, because a PDF will preserve the layout, formatting, fonts, and images in a way that cannot otherwise be guaranteed. To export a PPT file as a PDF with Microsoft Office follow the directions here.

Once uploaded, the Presentation file will be processed. This usually takes about 30 seconds depending on the size of the presentation.

When your Presentation is finished processing you will be able to interact with it in your sites. Any visitor who clicks on the tile will see a window open with the slideshow available to interact with.

Viewing Presentation Slides

To view the slides you can either click on the left and right arrows in the window or you can use your left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. You will see your progress updated throughout the slideshow in the middle of the screen and as a progress bar along the bottom.

Downloading Presentation Files

If your visitors would rather have a copy of the slideshow to work with then they can click on the download button in the lower right corner. This will download the original uploaded file.

Viewing Slideshows in Fullscreen

Fullscreen mode is available for all slideshows by clicking on the fullscreen button in the lower right corner of the window. You can leave fullscreen mode by clicking on the button again or pressing ESC on your keyboard.

Visitor Interactions and Zoomforth Analytics

We track two different types of actions in Presentations: viewing the slideshow and downloading the slideshow.

Any time a visitor opens the slideshow we will record that in the analytics section for the site. If they choose to download the Presentation file after opening it then you will also see that action in your site analytics.

This distinction is important to learn how your visitors like to interact with your content and could help you make decisions about the delivery of subsequent content.

Reviewing your exported PowerPoint before uploading it:

After you've exported your PowerPoint file as a PDF, but before uploading it, you may want to give the file a brief review. Zoomforth requires a PDF file as the source for presentations so that it can preserve the layout, formatting, fonts, and images. But it is important to note that as part of exporting a PPT file to a PDF file, animations, sounds, and transitions that were incorporated in the original PowerPoint may be lost. You may want to review your PDF before uploading it as a Presentation, since that file will most accurately represent how the Presentation will appear within Zoomforth.

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