Zoomforth can show slideshow presentations, say from Microsoft PowerPoint or Mac's Keynote, by importing them as PDFs. Thus, if enabled and if the site visitor wanted to download the presentation from the viewer, the copy will also be in PDF format.

One alternative is to upload your slideshow presentation to Microsoft PowerPoint Online then embed the online version of the presentation to your Zoomforth site. Microsoft PowerPoint Online is a free, web-based version of the popular application from Microsoft, and you need a Microsoft account to use it. You can use this link (click here) to create or login to your Microsoft account.

To embed slideshows from Microsoft PowerPoint Online:

1. Go to Microsoft PowerPoint Online. You can use this link (click here) to access the service.

2. Click the Upload and Open button.

3. Select your presentation from your local machine.

4. Click the Share button, next to your name and the Sign out button on the upper right corner of the interface.

5. Click the 3 dots/ellipsis next to the X icon on the upper right corner of the Send Link dialog box that pops up, and click Manage Access.

6. Copy the second website address and use it to embed the presentation to your Zoomforth site as a tile or section, as preferred. You can use the website address of a sample online presentation below to test with your site.


You will notice that the slideshow presentation interface, on the lower right, gives the option to download a copy of the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint file format, and not PDF.

This is a third-party embed so Zoomforth will have limited capabilities to manage or render the embed.

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