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Most of the questions we are getting from the users have to do with tiles! To help us better position a tile, let me compare it, really quick, with the rest of the elements in your Zoomforth site.

A Zoomforth site may have one or more pages, or sub pages. Each sub page, may have one or more sections like grid, PDF, HTML package, custom embed, accordion, etc.
Yes, you got it right: a grid section may have one or more tile in it!

As you may already know, a tile acts like a repository, or container, of data, information, document, or collection of files! Depending on the type of, or action associated with, the tile, you maybe able to see the data or document right within the tile, or just a miniaturized preview of it, or you may need to click the tile to see the content of the file.
While different actions can be associated with the tile, depending on the type of tile being used, like in - line playback for video tiles, pop - up file viewer for presentation and PDF tiles, or expanded file viewer for image tile, most of the tiles can be linked to an element within, or outside your Zoomforth site.

Customizations for the tiles can be done via style presets, CSS classes and theme and site level custom CSS.

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