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What are Public Uploads?

Public Upload files are files uploaded to and hosted by Zoomforth which are always accessible to anyone on the Internet. Sometimes you'll need publicly hosted files to build your site.

Why are they useful?

The best way to add media to your sites is to use the Site Editor and the media library. However, all media in your Zoomforth Media Library is served with secure, expiring web addresses. This means that after some amount of time they will no longer be accessible. As such, you cannot use the Media Library to host files which need a permanent web address—for instance: a font in a theme.

How do I use it?

Currently, the only supported use for Public Uploads is in themes, so the Public Upload button is only available there.

To use the public uploader, go to the Themes Library for your account and select a theme to edit. You should see a green button at the top of the site which says Upload File.

If you click that button, you will be shown a new pop-up window which will allow you to select a file from your computer. Click on Choose file and locate the file you wish to upload.

Once you select the file, it will begin to upload. You will be given a web address to that file which you can use in any way you need to.

Important notes:

  • You should never upload sensitive information using the public uploader. The links generated will be accessible by anyone on the internet who has the link. If you need to upload sensitive files you should do so in the media library.

  • Make sure you copy the link before closing out of this pop-up window. The link generated cannot be found in Zoomforth again. If you do not copy the link or if you lose the web address then you will need to upload the file again and get a new web address.

Use cases:

  • Oftentimes you will need to upload other files when creating themes. For example if you have custom fonts that you would like to use in your sites then you can upload them there and use the web address in your font specification for that theme.

  • It is common for sites to use icons and logos in the footer of sites. By using the custom footer feature you can craft HTML there and use public images for those icons.

  • Since these links are permanent you can use them in any way a normal link to a file could be used.

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