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Enable/disable overlay media render for a hypertext
Enable/disable overlay media render for a hypertext
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Overlay, lightbox and modal window allow website creators to add an interaction and additional channel to provide more information about a current render without scrolling or navigating away from the current context. They are context boxes that pop - up on top of the source content, hypertext or page, which are then rendered below a translucent shade to highlight the pop - up content box.

Different media can be rendered as overlay from your Zoomforth site! A video playback window pops - up when you click a video tile. An image expansion is rendered for some image tiles, when set up to do so. Other media can be rendered in an overlay from a hypertext like HTML package, PDF, etc.

To enable / disable media overlay render from a hypertext:

  1. Navigate to and select the target text in tile or section;

  2. Click the Edit Link button that pops - up after you highlighted the text;

  3. Select Expand Media button from the Create Link section at the left editing pane;

  4. Click Select file and choose the target media you wish to render in an overlay;

  5. Click OK and Save.

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