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How to download a local copy of the site?
How to download a local copy of the site?
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Sites can be exported or downloaded to local environments as zipped files, so users can host them outside Zoomforth, if preferred. The local copy of the site can also be embedded as HTML package.

If the exported site is hosted outside Zoomforth, our native authentication and analytics engines won't be applied.

The time to complete the preparations to download a copy of the site from the server depends on the number and file size of the contents. The server preparations should not take more than 5 minutes.

To export a local copy of the site in zipped file format:

  1. Click the site from the Sites and Templates dashboard;

  2. Hover over Export site under Downloads section;

  3. Click Download;

  4. If preferred, untick select site components that can be excluded during the export;

  5. Click Export site.

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