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Checking availability of site URL
Checking availability of site URL
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With multiple, customizable but unique URLs or addresses being assigned to sites, it may become challenging to keep track of the names which you can use for your site. This is where Links and Tracking dashboard can become handy.

The search utility in Links and Tracking dashboard let you see which web addresses are currently associated with a site. By default, the search only displays the site you created, so better to check the filters in the search box before doing any look up.

To use Links and Tracking search utility to see URL availability:

  1. Click the Links and Tracking from the side bar to access the dashboard;

  2. Click the filter icon on the right side of the search box;

  3. Clear the filter in the Created By field to display the result for all users, if preferred;

  4. Type your preferred name in the search box;

  5. Press Enter in your keyboard to view the result, if any.

The result displays the web addresses already associated with published sites, which cannot be used for your site, unless the URL has been unassigned or deleted from the site it is currently assigned to.

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