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A template is a type of site designed to help you easily and quickly create customized variations of a site. For example, if you want to send sites, each of which has the same general content, but you want to customize each one with a personal video, you could build a template with the general content, and then add your personal video to each new site you create from that template.
A template is similar to a regular site in many respects, but there are some key differences:

1. Templates are categorized separately in your sites Dashboard.

2. You cannot create a links to a template, so they can never be shared publicly.

To create a Template from scratch:

1. Click Create new button on the upper right after you logon to Zoomforth.

2. Click Create new blank template from the drop-down options.

3. In Create Template dialog box, enter the template name and descriptions, and select the folder location. The last two info are optional.

4. Click Create Template button.

To create a template from an existing site

1. On the Sites and Templates dashboard, click the site you wish to create the template from.

2. In the Site Details menu, click More.

3. Click Clone as Template.

4. In the dialog box, edit the name, if preferred. You can also provide the descriptions and select the folder location of the template, but these are optional information.

5. Click Duplicate Site as New Template.

How to Create a Unique Site from a Template

Once you have a template, you can then create unique sites from it, adding content that is particular to that unique site alone. This will allow you to quickly make custom sites with the same general content and overall site structure.
To create a site from a template, click on More in the template's row and select Create Site From Template. You will be prompted to name your new site, and you will be taken to the editor to make changes to the template. Until you publish the new site and give it a link, it will not have a URL.


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