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Best practices to keep your dashboard neat, tidy, and easy to use

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On your Sites & Templates dashboard, you are able to manage your sites and templates through a customizable structure of folders and subfolders.

If you have administrator permissions on Zoomforth, we suggest you put the folder structure to use. Only admins are able to create or delete folders and subfolders. 

How Folders Work

Besides helping you find your content faster, organizing your sites and templates will help you maintain a clean dashboard to more efficiently and effectively use the Zoomforth platform.

When you publish a site, it will automatically be filed under No Folder. It is up to you to manually select the site and assign it to a folder. There are two ways to do that:

From the Site Dashboard

On your Sites & Templates Dashboard, place your cursor over the Folder Icon next to the name of your site.

You will see the folder the site is currently in and a link to Edit Folder. Click this link and a pop up window will appear where you can assign this site to a folder, or a subfolder within a folder, or create a new folder for it.

In the Site Details View

On your Sites & Templates Dashboard, click Details to the right of the name of the site.

Now click Edit Folder

In the pop up window you can assign this site to a folder, or a subfolder within a folder, or create a new folder for it. 

Managing Folders

On your dashboard, click Manage next to your folders to bring up a pop-up window. To see all of your folders and subfolders, simply click Expand all. 

Drag and drop your folders to re-arrange them. If you drag a subfolder to the left of a folder, it will become a folder. You can also move subfolders into other folders, or vice-versa. It's fun!

Hover over a folder and you'll be asked to rename it, delete it, or create a subfolder within that folder.

Note: You cannot delete a folder if it has a subfolder within it. Delete all subfolders in that folder first, then click "Delete".

Titles and Descriptions

The best way to organize your sites is by using good titles and descriptions. When you create a new site you are first asked to give it a title and description.

Your visitors will be able to see the title in the browser bar and optionally at the top of your site. It is also the easiest information to search for in the Sites & Templates Dashboard.

The site's description is optional and is not visible to visitors. The description is visible throughout your Zoomforth dashboard and can help you remember what the site's purpose is.

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