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Add an external link in the submenu navigation
Add an external link in the submenu navigation
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Giving your audience direct links to external resources can help them find information faster, improving their experience on your site. External links add diversity to your site's content, offering users access to a wider spectrum of resources and viewpoints. By guiding site users to appropriate external sources, you can present a more comprehensive perspective.

Be mindful, however. Adding too many external links, especially unrelated or unreliable ones, can negatively impact your site's effectiveness. Always focus on linking to sources that are suitable and trustworthy. Further, make sure to check and update your links regularly to keep your content relevant.

To add an external link in the navigation submenu:

  1. In the left editing panel of the site editor, select the subpage to link externally;

  2. Click the + External Link;

  3. In the External Link left editing panel, give the external link a title, and add the external link to the URL field;

  4. Check Open link in new tab, if you prefer the external link to open in a new tab;

  5. Click the Create External Link.

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