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Add a new, external or internal subpage to your site
Add a new, external or internal subpage to your site
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Subpages automatically create an entry in the navigation menu of the site. In addition, external and internal links can also be added as a subpage. 

To add a new subpage:

  1. Click on the + Subpage button

  2. Type in the subpage title that you want

  3. Click Save

To add an external or internal linked subpage:

1. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the + Subpage button.

2.  Select the appropriate option from the list: External Link, Internal Link or Paste Subpage.

a. For External Link:  Just enter the External Link title and the website address. You also have the option to either open the link in a new tab or not. To finish, just click on the Create External Link

b. For Internal Link: Enter the Internal Link Title, then click on the drop-down for Destination Subpage. Choose the subpage and tile where you want to place the link then click Create Internal Link to finish.

c. Paste Subpage: Select this option if you have copied a subpage instead

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