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Expand images and link to the content (tile actions)
Expand images and link to the content (tile actions)
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A tile action is an event that happens when a viewer clicks on a tile. There are five tile actions: play video, enlarge image, link, show PDF, and no action. Some tile actions are only available for certain tiles, for example, only video tiles can have the action “Play Video.” Similarly, PDF tiles always have the action “Expand PDF.”

In addition to setting a tile action to "link," text within text tiles can also be linked in the form of hypertext or buttons.

Hover effects and Action icons indicate to viewers that a tile has action and what that action is. Where hover effects indicate the tile's action only when a viewer rolls (or hovers) their cursor over that tile, action icons sit in the upper-left of a tile at all times.

How to Set Tile Actions

To set a tile action for an image tile:

1. Select an image tile from your grid.

2. Click on the “Action” tab in the left editing panel.

3. Choose an action (“None,” “Expand Image,” "External Link" or “Internal Link”).     

If you choose "Expand Image",  you can then enter a title and description that will appear with the photo when it’s expanded. You can also enter a title and description for video tiles even though you cannot change the "Play Video" action.

Note: The default action for an image tile is “None”, to say, nothing will happen when it is clicked on. 

To set a tile action for a text tile:

1.  Select a text tile.

2. Click on the “Action” tab.

Note: If you leave the default, “None” nothing will happen when a visitor clicks on the tile.

3. Either choose “External Link" or "Internal Link".

4. For External Link, you can enter a website address for an external site (outside your Zoomforth site)

5. For Internal Link, you can input a link for a section in one of your subpages

Note: You must have more than one section for “Internal link” to show options.

6. Click “Save” to set the action.

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