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Simulate a web preview tile out of an image tile
Simulate a web preview tile out of an image tile
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A web preview tile displays an image related to the external site it can redirect you to. Once the tile had been created, however, the tile can no longer be edited for a different site.

Fortunately, you can create an image tile and make it look like a web preview tile, which lets you edit the website address and asset associated with the tile whenever you want!

To simulate an image tile to look like a web preview tile:

1. Prepare the image you want to associate with your target site. This could be a screenshot or any custom image related to the site.

2. Create an image tile using the asset described in the step above.

3. Click on Action > External Link.

4. Enter the website address of the target external site and click Save.

5. Under the Caption section, enter the address of the site as well.

6. Click the Done Editing Tile button.

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