Create a web preview tile
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A web preview tile is linked to an external site which can display a default or custom site thumbnail image, as preferred.

To add a web preview tile:

1. Select the site where you want to add the tile and create a grid section.

2. Click on +Add Tile then click on Web Preview.

3. Enter the URL of the external site then click Create Tile. Notice that it automatically gives you the site's preview, title, and description. These options can be changed only once after the tile has been created.

4. Update the web preview tile's title, description, and thumbnail image by using the appropriate options on the left menu editing panel.

NOTE: These options can only be updated once the tile has been created. Further change request after navigating away from this menu or hitting the Done Editing Tile button won't work. In this case, you can either create a new web preview tile with the updated info you prefer or create an image tile linked to an external site with tile descriptions that can be edited multiple times.

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