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Create and arrange your site menu with anchor links
Create and arrange your site menu with anchor links
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An anchor link is a navigation tool. It’s a link in the menu bar of your site that will take a viewer to a specific tile, or content, on your grid site. This link allows viewers to zoom to specific points on a longer site or even in different grid sections. The purpose of an anchor link is to highlight an important piece of content within your site and help viewers navigate to it quickly.

How to Create an Anchor Link

1. In the left editing panel of the site editor, click the section you want to add an anchor link to and click the "+ Anchor Link".

2.  In the Create new Anchor Link panel on the left, give the anchor link a title, and click on the Destination Content field.

3. Select the content in the subpage you wish to create the anchor link for.

4. Click "Done", then the "Create Anchor Link" button.

How to Arrange Your Site's Menu Bar

1. Select the subpage you want to re - arrange under the Navigation from the left panel.

2. To change the order click and drag a tab into a different position.

Note: The order of the tabs from top to bottom is the order they will appear from left to right in the menu bar of your published site.

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