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Rearranging anchor links in the navigation menu
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An anchor link is a navigation tool. It’s a link in the menu bar of your site that will take a viewer to a specific tile, or content, on your grid site. This link allows viewers to zoom to specific points on a longer site or even in different grid sections. The purpose of an anchor link is to highlight an important piece of content within your site and help viewers navigate to it quickly.

This article contains information on how to rearrange anchor links. If you need more information on what an Anchor Link is and how to create one, please click here.

So how do we rearrange Anchor Links? 

- Anchor Links are arranged automatically based on the location of the tile/section it is being linked to. 

On the example below, we'll be creating an Anchor Link to the Text Tile first and will name it Test 1. Then we will create another Anchor Link to the Hero Video above it and name it Test 2.

Notice that Test 2 automatically goes first as the Hero Video comes first before the text tile. 

The anchor link order is set automatically based on the order of the content on the page. If you want to rearrange the order of the anchor links in the sub-nav, you would need to change the order of the sections within the page. 

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