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The navigation menu for the anchor links, is also referred to as the submenu in the theme editor. 

Most of the time, sites are designed with multiple subpages, which are linked in the main navigation menu. If a subpage was created with anchors, then a second navigation menu (submenu) appears below the main one for these anchor links. 

There are sites designed to only have one subpage, with at least one anchor link. For this design, the anchor link might be placed right next to the subpage link in the main navigation menu.

If the theme you plan to edit is being used by multiple sites, and you want only certain site/s to be changed, I suggest that you copy the theme first, apply the copied theme to the target site/s, then work on the copied theme.

1. Open the editor of the theme from the Themes dashboard.

2. Scroll down and find Submenu.

3. Click on Submenu to show options.

4. Replace the color code value for the preferred color.

5. Click Publish at the top of the theme editor (beside the theme title).

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