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Link two or more sites together
Link two or more sites together
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If you have two or more sites that use a single authentication method but with different parameters (for example: two sites both using password authentication, but different passwords for each site), you can design both sites to look like a single site.

This approach can be helpful to replicate a site that requires viewing restrictions for select subpages, sections, elements, etc, in it.

Below is a sample of this idea using a copy of our previous Customer Success Specialist hiring site. Only anchor link names were changed to be made relevant to the sites.

It looks like a single site but actually, two sites were linked together to form it. One site, associated with the Overview & Opportunity menu, is a public site, while the other one, associated with the Recruitment Center menu, is password protected.

The linking is made through an external subpage link. Both subpages need to be published and their respective web addresses were used as a reference for the external subpage link. 

Both subpages are from the same copy, as well, to create a cohesive navigation experience, and only the relevant content was updated.

To link two sites (Site A and Site B, with Site A acting as the main homepage):

1. Prepare both sites to be linked. You can duplicate the sites from the same copy so the navigation experience will be smoother.

2. Publish the sites to get their web addresses.

3. Plan how the sites are to be sequenced.

4. On Site A, change the homepage name as needed.

5. Still on Site A, hit the dropdown arrow next to the + Subpage button and select External Link.

6. Indicate the web address of Site B in the web address field.

7. Indicate how you want to label Site B in Site A, as a menu in the EXTERNAL LINK TITLE field.

8. Untick "Open field in a new tab."

9. Click the Save External Link button.

10. Click the Publish button on the upper right.

11. Repeat steps 4 to 10 for Site B instead, and use Site A's web address for the repetition of step 6 for Site B.

The demo sites may be copied over to your dashboard for a better understanding of this illustration. Please email to request a copy of the sites.

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