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Schedule redirect to an external site or another site
Schedule redirect to an external site or another site
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[Permission Required: Account Admin, Content Admin]

You can also schedule a redirect for your site to another site outside of your Zoomforth account, or to another existing Zoomforth site. This traffic redirect becomes particularly helpful if your site had been obsoleted, and you want its future visits to be routed to the preferred, or updated version of the site.

To schedule site redirect to an external site or another site:

1. Click the site from the Sites and Templates dashboard, to bring up the Site Details menu.

2. Click More from the tabs.

3. Under Site Management, hover at Redirect and click the Redirect link.

4. Click the Date field and select your preferred date and time to start the site redirection.

5. Tick the box to Redirect.

6. Select whether to redirect to an external URL, or to another site in your account.

7. Depending on what you've chosen, enter the external URL or select the site from the list that you want this site to be redirected to.

8. Click Modify Site to start the site redirection.

You can also check the article on how to a redirect a site if you want to have the site redirected right away.

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