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[Permission Required: Account Administrator, Content Administrator, Editor, Author]

Zoomforth allows you to copy elements within a site such as tiles, sections, or subpages.

You can simply do that by clicking on the object you want to copy (for a tile, you might have to click on it twice) to bring up the menu on the left editing panel with the Copy button.

To paste a tile:

1. Click the destination grid section where you want to paste the tile.

2. Click + Add Tile.

3. Select Paste Tile from the Add New Tile menu.

To paste a section:

1. Go to the destination subpage where you want to paste the section.

2. Click the + Section button. For subpages with at least one section, the + Section button shows up when you hover at the top or at the bottom of the existing section.

3. Select Paste Section from the Add New Section menu.

To paste a subpage:

1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the + Subpage, which is found at the upper left editing panel of the site editor.

2. Select Paste Subpage. This option only shows up in the dropdown list if the subpage is in the clipboard yet.

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