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Make your site especially personal by recording a video of yourself directly into the site. Our analytics have shown us that the most successful sites are those that are the most customized to your targeted audience, and there's no better way to make something feel really custom than with visual content that is made specifically for the recipient(s).

Custom video messages are most effective when you are introducing yourself (and want to give a better sense of who you are), describing an experience, aiming to elicit emotion, or just want your audience to know that you care enough to record something just for them.

To record a video

1. Click "Add New Tile" in you grid and select "Record Video".

2. Click the green button to allow Zoomforth to access your computer's camera and microphone.

3. When you're ready, click "Start Recording".

4. Once you’re done, click "Stop Recording".

5. You can select from the options "Preview", or "Delete & Record Again". When you’re happy with your video, click "Save & Upload". 

Zoomforth will add it as a tile to your site!

Some quick tips for quality video recording:

  • Evaluate the area to ensure it is tidy, appropriate, and free of distracting elements (e.g. tv playing in the background).

  • Check light levels to avoid awkward or washed out lighting. Don’t light yourself from behind as this will create a shadow effect that will darken out your face

  • Speak loudly and clearly, otherwise you may introduce white static noise into the video. If you are hearing any then it is recommended you eliminate any noises in the background by shutting off appliances or moving to another location, and speaking more loudly. You can also use the microphone on your earbuds to get recording device closer to your voice.

  • Frame the shot. Make sure you are looking at the camera or at an interviewer behind the camera. If you’re zoomed in, it’s okay to cut off the top of the forehead in the shot but not the chin.

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