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Define welcome message and welcome video for prompts
Define welcome message and welcome video for prompts
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Here in Zoomforth, you can add a welcome message and video to your Prompts! You can add a welcome video that will appear at the top of the Respond page. If you're requesting video responses, it is best to lead by example! Record a quick video to explain why you're requesting content and demonstrate how it's done.

Adding a Welcome Message allows you to give an introduction to your prompts. You can also provide instructions in this area.

To start adding a welcome video, look at the top right of the prompts page and click the button to Record Video, or Choose from Media Library if the video has previously been uploaded. If you record a video, ensure that your device has a working camera and microphone to proceed.

The steps below will guide you on how to add a video to your prompts.

Recording a video

  1. Clicking Record Video will show a window listing the tips to get a high-quality video recording.

2. Click the button Click here to set up the recorder to continue.

3. If you're using this for the first time, you'll get a browser notification asking you if you want to allow the site to use the microphone and camera. Ensure that you allow it to proceed.

5. Your device will then start your camera, and you can start the video recording by clicking Start Recording. The video recording is up to 180 seconds or 3 minutes.

6. Once done, click Stop Recording. You will then have the options to either:

  • Save & Upload - saves the recorded video in your prompt and uploads it in the Media Library. The default save location is in Media Library > Prompts > Welcome Videos

  • Preview - will play the recording for review

  • Delete & Record Again - will delete the recording and bring you back to the button Start Recording

Choose from Media Library

Clicking Choose from Media Library is pretty self-explanatory. After clicking the button, the Media Library will open up in a window, and you need to select the video you would like to add to your prompt.

If you need assistance, you may contact our Customer Support via in-app chat or email us at

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