Adding scripts to your site

Add JavaScript in your site

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Site script are bits of code embedded directly into your site. They can add or exchange information with third-party sources. JavaScript stands out as the most widely used language for site scripting.

Creating a site script requires considerable knowledge of scripting techniques. It's important to note that scripting development and troubleshooting fall outside our support scope and should be undertaken with caution. A faulty script can swiftly disrupt the site for visitors. We strongly recommend creating a duplicate of your site as a backup before implementing any site script.

How to add scripts to your site

  1. Select the site in your Sites Dashboard.

  2. In the Site Details, click More.

  3. Scroll down and click Edit beside Site Script under Code Injection.

  4. Paste the script in the box.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Save again in the pop-up.


  1. Site scripts only run on published sites. It will not run when previewing or editing the site.

  2. Creating and troubleshooting site scripts falls beyond our direct support scope. Any modifications or fixes to site scripts are at your discretion.

  3. You may experience performance issues if you have an excessive amount of scripts on your site.

You can also apply scripts to all of the sites in your account by using site snippets.

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