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Replicate text format into another text editor
Replicate text format into another text editor
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Multiple places in the site editor allow you to format text and images including text tiles, the description for an image tile, etc. You can format things such as indentation, heading style, bullets, typography and hyperlinking. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to copy the text along with its formatting options for another tile. This is where the source code editor can come handy!

To use the source code editor to replicate the texts, and their format, for another text editor:

1. Go to the text editor of the tile, section, or caption or description of an asset.

2. Look for the "Source Code" button and click it (not all text editor allows you to insert or edit HTML code).

3. Copy everything inside the source code editor.

4. Paste the contents into the source code editor of the other text editor.

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