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A theme is a set of styling that you can apply to your site in order to control the header, logos, fonts, colors, spacing and some structural elements of the site (like whether description panels appear beneath or next to expanded images, videos and slideshows).

Note: The styles are applied to your site with CSS stylesheets.

Themes will help keep your sites consistent and on-brand, an important quality of professional communications.

Each account is populated with a variety of professionally designed Zoomforth themes and customer-generated themes based on their company brand guidelines.

Watch the video below, or continue reading this article to learn how to apply any available theme in your theme library to a site:

How to Apply a New Theme

To change your theme:

  1. From the left editing panel of the Site Editor, click Styling, and the current theme to bring up the theme selector.

2. Clicking on a different theme from the selector will also give a preview of the changes that will be applied to your site. You can also use the search bar if you know the name of the Theme.

3. After clicking on the Theme, you'll get the pop-up below for the style presets. You have the option to map the style presets of the previous theme to the new one you just selected. You can also select the option below to Apply the theme without mapping if you don't need to transfer/map any old style presets. Click on Done at the upper left once you're finished with the window below.


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