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Style preset allows you to change select aesthetics for tiles and text sections, such as font style, line height, list designs (ordered, unordered lists), border, background color, etc. Setting a style preset for a tile or text section makes it easier to isolate or dedicate specific design changes as well, through custom CSS.

Adding a new style preset doesn't necessarily affect any site/s using the theme, but changing any existing style preset does. In this latter case, it is best to copy the theme first before changing any values in any existing style preset.

To add a new style preset

1. Open the editor for the theme.
2. Hit the + New button next to the Style Presets on the left editing panel of the theme editor.

3. Set a unique name for the Style Preset and click the Save button.

4. Update the styling values in the available fields.

5. Under Scope, indicate which elements the Style Preset should be applicable for.

6. Click Done back at the top of the Style Preset menu.

7. Click Publish button on the upper left of the editor.

8. Refresh the site editor to see the new style preset in the list.

The style preset will only be available for the appropriate element selected on step 5. 

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